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Use Photos
Why Digital Storytelling
  • Engaging
  • Creativity Content - Reach students through other modalities
  • Struggling Readers and Writers
  • Demonstrate Knowledge or Understanding of a concept or subject area

Photo Tools
  • Speechable
    • Add word bubbles to any digital pictures
    • A free photo service that easily lets you add speech bubbles to your pictures to share with students or parents on wikis or blogs
    • Good For:
      • Digital Storytelling
      • Narrations
      • Captions
      • Summariz/Sequencing
      • Content Specific
      • Field Trips
  • Photobabble
  • Big Huge Labs - Easy resources for teachers and students to use, no account needed.
    • Students can make trading cards, magazine covers and more.
    • You cannot save projects. You must download finished projects to your computer
    • Education Edition
    • Examples from KDitzlers wiki page
    • * bighugelabs_example.jpg
      • Magazine_Cover.jpg
  • Wordle
    • IHaveaDream.jpeg
  • ABCYa Word Cloud - Good site for students to use.

Comic Strips



Stand by Tools

Online Book Creators