Our Colorado Trip! on PhotoPeach
Our Colorado Trip! on PhotoPeach


  • Microsoft's PhotoStory 3 (PS3) is a great little program that allows you to easily create slide shows of your digital photographs with transitions, background music, etc. (Note: PhotoStory only runs on a Windows XP computer).
  • Photostory+(2).pdf - A quick guide to help you create a photostory
  • PhotoStory Video Tutorials- 11 video tutorials will take you through the entire process - From David Jakes -
  • PhotoStory Resources- Including links for music and images - 21st Century Teaching



  • Caption any picture
  • Be careful to login first if you are having students do it - Some inappropriate content
  • Can embedd or link to


  • Talking Pictures - You can record your voice to make your pictures talk.
  • Can get embedd code or link to the talking picture


  • A great library of editing tools
  • Great for use with students
  • Link to examples for education - KDitzler
  • bighugelabs_example.jpg

Photo Editors

FotoFlexer -The world's most advanced online editor. Create Dazzling photo effects for free.


Photoshop (
Picnick (
Sumo Paint (
Dumpr (
Flickr Toys (
Photo Fun Box (
PhotoFunia (

Museum Box and Myths and Legends

Animoto for Education

  • Make awesome videos using photos, pictures, music and text.
  • You can get a free educator's account, but you must apply for it. It can take a few days to a week until you get an email with your approval.
  • To embed an Animoto video, go to Video Toolbox after viewing it. Then click on embed to get the HTML code.


What is Voicethread?

A web based slideshow or digital storytelling tool
Allows others to comment or collaborate on what they are viewing
You have the ability to control access, public vs. private
You have the ability to moderate comments that are made on your voicethread

Voice Thread Examples - Look at the following links




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