Resources for use with Promethean Student Response Systems

(activotes, activexpressions, or activEngage) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Creating Assessments

Ways to create assessments

  • Utilizing_ActivVotes-1.flipchart
  • Template pages in Resource Library
  • Insert Question Generator Wizard
  • Adhoc Question -
    • Verbally just ask a question
    • Use with any existing document (ppt, word, etc...)
    • Online - Brainpop, Tumblebooks etc
  • Use camera tool for PDFs
  • Convert a ppt to a flipchart

Assessment Resources

Applying Higher Level Questioning

Download Flipchart From Safari Montage

Templates and Resource Packs

Quick Start Guides

Formative Assessment


Ideas for use of student response systems

1. Bell Ringer

2. Homework Check to Guide Instruction

3. Determine Prior Knowledge to Guide Instruction

4. Discussion Starter for Unit

5. Formative Assessment after Lesson

6. Word Seed to Guide Lesson

7. Measure change in Opinion Before and After

8. Review for Test/Quiz

9. Electronic Test

10. Getting to know the Quiet Students

11. Check for Understanding after Station

Other Resources